Using Your Dexcom CGM System

Understanding Data and Trends

How far back can I access my data in Dexcom Clarity?

All data uploaded to Dexcom Clarity will remain accessible as long as the product is available for use. When logging in to Dexcom Clarity for the first time, there will be limited data depending on when the account was created. Going forward, data will continue to build as it is uploaded to Dexcom Clarity.
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How are the Daily and Hourly Statistics calculated?

Daily statistics are calculated values for the individual day of the week over the date range selected. For example, if the date range is for 14 days, all the CGM values collected on the two Mondays would be used in the Monday calculations.

Where can I get more information about Dexcom and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Dexcom complies with all applicable laws, including GDPR as of May 25, 2018. Details can be found in our Privacy Policy and in our published list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


What does 'Calibration error' mean?

This screen means you recently entered a calibration blood glucose value and the sensor is having trouble calibrating. Follow the directions on the screen to enter a fingerstick reading in 15 minutes to restore readings.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding Dexcom Clarity?

Please contact your local Dexcom representative.

What does the hour glass icon mean?

This icon means the transmitter and the sensor are not communicating. Make sure your transmitter is properly stored in the sensor pod. If the icon does not go away within 3 hours, contact your local distributor for assistance.

What does the blood drop icon mean?

This icon means you need to enter a calibration and will appear when it is time for your 12-hour calibration update, or any other time an additional calibration is needed.

Using Your Receiver

How can I share my data using a Dexcom Receiver?

If you upload your receiver to the CLARITY home user account, you can share your home user account data with your health care provider. Your clinic will need to give you a sharing invitation via email or printed invitation to initiate sharing.

Setting Up Sharing and Dexcom Clarity

Will events entered into my CGM receiver show up in Dexcom Clarity?

Any event that is entered into your CGM will show up on Dexcom CLARITY graphs when your data is updated from your Dexcom Mobile CGM System or you upload your receiver to Clarity.

Will Dexcom Clarity work with G6?

Yes, G6 does work with Clarity. Patients will not need to register again.

Does Dexcom Clarity have information about my receiver or smart device?

Under the Devices section of the Dexcom CLARITY Overview page you will find the alert settings and last upload for the device. These settings are for your reference and are separate from Dexcom CLARITY settings.

How can I share information with my doctor?

Clinics can easily send email invitations to patients. All you have to do is accept the email invitation by entering the code provided in the invite from your physician or clinic. Then you will be linked to your physician's office.

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