Using Clarity Reporting Software

Setting Up Sharing and Dexcom Clarity

What is Dexcom Clarity?

The Dexcom CLARITY app highlights your glucose patterns, trends and statistics. You can even get weekly notifications with the Dexcom CLARITY Reports app. Share all this with your clinic and monitor improvements between visits.
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How do I log in to Dexcom Clarity?

You must have a Dexcom account to use Dexcom Clarity. You must use the same Dexcom account for all your Dexcom devices

What are the Dexcom ONE in-app reports, and how do I use them?

Dexcom ONE in-app reports, powered by Dexcom Clarity, let you see different reports reflecting your glucose trends over time. You and your HCP can review, analyse, and evaluate your historical Dexcom ONE data.

How do I get to Dexcom Clarity?

Go to from an internet browser with internet connection. Review Clarity's list of computer and internet requirements if needed.

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