Troubleshooting Dexcom G7 CGM System

Troubleshooting (Setting Up Your System)

Why can't I press the applicator button?

Press the applicator more firmly against your skin before pushing the button.
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Troubleshooting (Using Your Dexcom CGM)

Why is My Dexcom Device Still Searching?

Pairing usually takes less than 5 minutes. If it takes longer, use these troubleshooting tips. You can also go to the Help screen on your display device.

What does the 'Bluetooth is off' alert mean?

The 'Bluetooth is off' alert means this function is turned off. It will either show as App Bluetooth is off or Phone Bluetooth is off. Bluetooth must be on to get glucose information on your smart device. Refer to your smart device guide to turn on your Bluetooth.

What do I do if my CGM values seem inaccurate?

Refer to the Dexcom G7 User Guide for information on Dexcom G7 accuracy.

Why am I getting Signal Loss?

Your display device may be too far from your sensor or there may be something, such as a wall or water, between your sensor and your display device.

Sensor Adhesion Issues

How can I keep my Dexcom sensor adhered to my body?

Follow the insertion instructions carefully. Extra care may help you keep your sensor on for the entire sensor session.

How to avoid irritated/sensitive skin from sensor adhesive?

If you have irritated or sensitive skin please work with your healthcare professional (HCP).

How can I avoid irritated or sensitive skin caused by the Dexcom G7 sensor adhesive?

Some people may be sensitive to the sensor adhesive, so extra care can help. Follow the insertion instructions carefully, review the site preparation tips and consider these points.

Compatible Software and Apps

If I am replacing my compatible smart device, what will I need to do?

The Dexcom G7 sensor can only connect with one smart device at a time. If you get a new smartphone, for example, you need to go into your old smartphone's Bluetooth settings and turn Bluetooth off.

Setting Up Sharing and Dexcom Clarity

How do I get to Dexcom Clarity?

Go to from an internet browser with internet connection. Review Clarity's list of computer and internet requirements if needed.

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