Why am I receiving signal loss for over an hour on my smart device?

Signal loss can occur for a number of reasons. The most common reason is smartphone settings that are hindering the app from functioning correctly.
Step 1
  • Please ensure that you are using a compatible smartphone as per our compatibility page.
Step 2
  • Please verify that the settings on your smart device are in line with the advised Dexcom G6 android/iphone settings.
Step 3
  • Before this step please make sure you have the following information: Login Username, password for the G6 App and the current Transmitter ID.
Reinstall the app and repair the transmitter. If you are in an active sensor session, choose "No Code" when asked to enter the Sensor Code. The Transmitter saves the Sensor Code, so you do not need to enter the Sensor Code when reinstalling the app during an active sensor session.
This will hopefully resolve the signal loss issue.

LBL020847 Rev002

LBL020847 Rev002


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