Troubleshooting Dexcom ONE CGM System

Sensor Failure Issues

What do I do if I receive the Sensor Failed alert?

If you are receiving a Sensor Failed Alert on your Dexcom ONE, and your inserted sensor will no longer give CGM values, remove the failed sensor using the in-app Sensor Removal Instructions.
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Troubleshooting (Using Your Dexcom CGM)

How can I reduce the amount of signal loss I experience?

There are many things you can do to help you to minimise the amount of signal loss you experience on your Dexcom App.

What are the best practices to minimize signal loss on my phone?

Review the following information to make sure that you continue to receive CGM values when using a compatible smart device...

I lost my Dexcom ONE sensor code. What do I do?

Unfortunately, the sensor code is required to use your Dexcom ONE system. If you have lost your sensor code, you will have to use a brand-new sensor.

What should I do if my sensor reading and blood glucose value don't match?

There may be times when your readings temporarily don't match, but don't panic--they are likely to become closer over time. You may find that this occurs for a few common reasons...

Sensor Adhesion Issues

How to avoid irritated/sensitive skin from sensor adhesive?

If you have irritated or sensitive skin please work with your healthcare professional (HCP).

How can I avoid irritated or sensitive skin caused by the sensor adhesive?

These considerations, skin barriers, and professional tips may help. Remember, what works best for one person may not work best for everyone.

What happens if my sensor insertion causes bleeding?

It may not be necessary to remove your sensor, but if you experience bleeding and the bleeding spreads through the patch, please follow the below.

Pairing and Connectivity Issues

What does Pairing Unsuccessful mean?

If your transmitter didn't pair with your display device, and you are seeing a Pairing Unsuccessful alert, please follow these instructions...

Using Your Sensor and Transmitter

What do I do if my Dexcom ONE applicator won't come off?

If the Dexcom ONE applicator gets stuck, don't panic. Simply remove the applicator and sensor following these instructions...

Why isn't my transmitter working, and/or why is my Dexcom CGM System telling me to pair a new transmitter?

Dexcom ONE transmitters last up to 90 days from activation. You can find your transmitter's Activated On date by going to Settings > Transmitter in the Dexcom ONE app

Setting Up Sharing and Dexcom Clarity

How do I log in to Dexcom Clarity?

You must have a Dexcom account to use Dexcom Clarity. You must use the same Dexcom account for all your Dexcom devices

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