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No one can truly understand what it is like living fingerstick-by-fingerstick with frustratingly unpredictable glucose levels – unless they have experienced it themselves! Become a Warrior and join our social media movement where you can connect with a supportive and informative community of like-minded individuals who are all on the same journey as you.
You will learn so much from the other Warriors, but we want to hear your story, too! We want to hear your tips and tricks! We want to hear how this journey from diagnosis to Dexcom and beyond has felt for you. Your words have the power to help so many others!
Check out #DexcomWarrior, our Instagram channel @dexcomUK to join the social conversation or meet some of our Warriors below.
As well as finding a new diabetes community, you will enjoy programme benefits including exclusive news and updates about all things diabetes and Dexcom; our Warrior Welcome Kit, Warrior newsletters and other surprises throughout the year.
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Hi! I’m Vinny. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 13 and have no hypo awareness.
Living with T1D can be isolating and make you feel like you’ve lost your freedom. It’s a mass of information to take on board.
Being a Warrior has helped me feel less alone. There is always someone who is sharing the same experiences as you - and challenges along the way. They’re there if you need them.
The Dexcom G6 has given me peace of mind to know it can alert me to hypos so that helps gives me the freedom to be like everyone else and live life to the fullest.
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My name is Brian, or if you know me online Type1Bri. I am 40 years old. Type 1 diabetes lives with me, not the other way around, and has done so for 7 years now. Being diagnosed as an adult was life changing, but on the whole it has made me who I am today and that’s a good thing in my book. My passion in life is my family and running.
When I was diagnosed I think the overwhelming feeling was ‘’ Why me’’ What had I done in my life to cause this, could I have made different choices earlier in life. I soon realised through my own research that it wasn’t my fault, and it was simply the hand life had dealt me. That was key to me making T1D live with me, I wasn’t going to be a diabetic, I was going to be a person with diabetes, there is a big difference!
My biggest support was from the diabetes online community, these people know what it is like living with T1D. My family was very concerned and worried when I was diagnosed, but as I started blogging and they could read/understand how I was approaching T1D they soon realised it wasn’t actually a bad thing and I was taking the positives from it.
I like being able to share my experiences with others who really understand diabetes and all it entails, and the chance to help others with my experiences too.
Being in the community benefits my physical and my mental health. Chatting with the other warriors, building friendships through a shared life experience is second to none.
Find me on Twitter and come say hello! @type1bri
Jen image
Hi! I’m Jen. I’ve lived with T1D for a quarter of a century and started wearing Dexcom G6 three years ago. I still find it mind-blowing that I don’t have to fingerstick countless times a day! Dexcom is like a tiny discreet but incredible extra brain. To be able to just glance at my phone for a split second and understanding exactly what my body is doing is remarkable.
Life with type 1 diabetes can be isolating, so it’s great to be connected to a group of people who really get it. My friends and family are so great, but they can never fully understand what it’s like to suddenly be exposed by type 1 diabetes - whether that be going through airport security with a truckload of devices and sharp objects, experiencing a scary hypo in the dead of night, trying to explain to someone that you can indeed eat that, or just laughing at the ridiculous situations you find yourself in as part of trying to survive each day with a demanding chronic illness! I have no qualms about discussing these personal vulnerabilities to show others that we’re not alone in what we go through, and I also love being able to cheer others on when we overcome these challenges; celebrating the small wins as well as the big milestones.
Life with type 1 diabetes requires as much emotional investment as it does physical, and I think it’s so amazing to connect with others who understand the minute-by-minute madness that this condition demands of us. I’m also not someone who is up to date with the latest tools and the more scientific side of type 1 diabetes, so it’s phenomenal to have a whole load of people with that experience and knowledge in the palm of my hand, and the community has never failed to give me information and guidance when I’ve asked for it, which is just so special!
The word ‘community’ says it all! I love chatting with other people who have experienced the magical benefits of Dexcom and working as a team to help others. I’m proud to shout about how this technology has made life with type 1 diabetes less heavy and has given me more confidence (and time!) to go out and live the rest of my life.
You can listen to my podcast at or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube @MissJenGrieves
The Diabetic Duo image
Introducing Dexcom’s newest Warriors – the Diabetic Duo!
Close friends Beth and Ellen both have T1D, and have become internet sensations for their light-hearted take on a serious condition.
As well as offering each other emotional support, the Northern Irish pair’s TikTok videos are helping other young people who are newly diagnosed or managing their own diabetes know they’re not alone. We’re so proud to have them join the community!
A word from our Warrior...
"Be kind to yourself, and know that you're probably doing better than you're giving yourself credit for.
"We have such black and white measures of whether our glucose is in or out of range that it's so easy to think that we're failing, but impersonating a pancreas is really difficult!
"The pressure and stress of that will only make things harder to manage, and if you think about it, getting through every day with type 1 diabetes and self-managing this very unpredictable illness is a huge achievement in itself."
Jen, Dexcom Warrior



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