Dexcom Global Sensor Replacement Policy

As we rapidly expand our presence across the globe to make our life changing CGM technology available to millions of people who may otherwise not have access to it, we work hard to treat users fairly and ensure a positive experience with Dexcom.
Dexcom’s sensors are single use, disposable supplies intended for use up to 10 days before being discarded.
In that regard, Dexcom has implemented a replacement policy for our sensors when there is a failure of the sensor during the intended use time for the consumable sensor. There may be legal and contractual obligations for replacing defective products in some markets. Dexcom will replace all sensors that we confirm as failures during the intended lifetime of the sensors through investigation.
In the event a user requests a replacement for a non-defective sensor (sensor removed for a procedure, user application errors, etc.), the user will be provided with educational materials in the hopes of preventing future issues. In addition, as a gesture of goodwill, Dexcom will provide replacements if needed to ensure continued sensor supply, in a limited quantity each year.
Under these circumstances:
G-Series*: Dexcom will provide a maximum of three (3) goodwill replacement sensors in a twelve (12) month period.
Dexcom ONE* / Dexcom ONE+*: Dexcom will provide a maximum of two (2) goodwill replacement sensors in a twelve (12) month period.
Any requests for additional goodwill replacement sensors above these thresholds, will be handled by Technical Support leadership team according to their processes. Dexcom reserves the right to change these thresholds at any time at its discretion.
Sensor serial numbers are required for all replacements. For Dexcom G6 and Dexcom ONE replacements, transmitter serial numbers are required in lieu of sensor serial numbers.
*Product availability varies by country.


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