How should I go through airport security with Dexcom G6?

When wearing your Dexcom G6 you can go through metal detectors or be hand wanded when going through airport security. If these aren’t available, pat-downs and visual inspections are other methods that can be used without worrying about damaging your CGM supplies.
Because we have not tested every full body scanner and x-ray machine or know the damage they may cause your Dexcom G6, we recommend hand-wanding or a full body pat down and visual inspection to be safe when going through airport security.
Don’t put your Dexcom G6 CGM System components through x-ray machines. Place all components in a separate bag before handing over to the Security Officer. For other medical supplies, such as medications, meters, and strips, check manufacturer instructions or the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website.
Transport Canada recommends that when you are travelling with a medical device like your Dexcom G6, to use the Family-Special Needs security line as Screening Officers in these lines are trained to offer additional assistance. Let the Screening Officer know that you have a medical device when you enter the screening area. It is also helpful to have documents that support your medical condition. Be sure to mention that the sensor can’t be removed because it’s inserted under the skin. Private screening areas are also available upon request.
Click here to download our "Notice of Medical Device" letter. This can be filled out by your physician and presented to airport security to better explain your Dexcom CGM System.
Be sure to follow the instructions in the Using Your G6 Guide related to travelling with your Dexcom G6. This page only covers the Dexcom G6 CGM System. It doesn’t cover steps you need to take when traveling with your compatible smart device. See your smart device’s user guide for travel tips.

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