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Welcome to our Warrior community

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Our everyday heroes juggle their diabetes amongst everyday life. It’s a community who come together to share stories, show support and spread a message of strength to other individuals and families. And it’s a community that we’re fiercely proud of.

bring out the warrior in you...
bring out the Warrior in you…

A Dexcom Warrior is a person living with diabetes, who won’t let that hold them back.

Sound familiar? Then join us, and spread your very own message of strength and optimism to give others the confidence to do the same.
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…and enjoy the perks that come with it.
As well as it being a platform to connect, inspire and engage, there’s a few other things in it for you too…
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Join the conversation and follow our Dexcom Warrior social channels

Opportunity to help spread

The opportunity to help spread awareness of the benefits of Dexcom

Attend local events

Attend local events with Dexcom to spread the word

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Connect with thousands

Connect with thousands of Warriors around the world

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Keep up-to-date with all the latest tech, news and events, with our monthly Warrior newsletter

'We both absolutely LOVE the programme. We couldn’t fault it, we feel so supported and encouraged.'


'I feel the Warrior community is an amazing resource for me and my diabetes. It is like a little family where everyone just ‘gets it’. It’s lovely to be able to chat with the other Warriors and share tips and advice.'

Warriors at a meeting
ready to become a Warrior?
We’re always looking for more Warriors to share their personal diabetes story. We want to hear your tips, tricks and how the journey from diagnosis to Dexcom has felt for you.
Your words have the power to help so many others, and also connect you with like-minded individuals that can inspire you too.

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Connect with the Dexcom Warrior community and see our Warriors in action.
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