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Dexcom G5®Mobile CGM System

Knowing your glucose levels, or your child's, at a glance changes everything. Active monitoring throughout the day and night can bring more peace of mind and help you stay in charge of your diabetes management. The Dexcom G5® Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System does just that. Blood glucose trending arrows and alerts help you prevent highs and lows, and make treatment decisions on the go.

Outstanding sensor accuracy

Real-time accurate glucose readings help you make better treatment decisions on-the-go without requiring a confirmatory fingerstick.*




Remote monitoring

Enjoy more peace of mind knowing you can view your loved one’s blood glucose levels remotely, on your compatible smart device.


Always on the alert

Help prevent hypo or hyperglycemia with customizable alerts and built-in alarm that prompt you to take action if levels are too low or too high.


Dexcom Stories

Sometimes it’s just better to see how Dexcom technology works in practical terms, in context, in real life. Hear from people who use Dexcom CGM and see how it has changed their lives.

More about Dexcom G5® Mobile

Discover more about the world's first mobile continuous
glucose monitoring system.  




How to Re-order

If you are a current Dexcom customer, you can re-order
supplies in our online store.




*If your glucose alerts and readings do not match your symptoms or expectations, or you are taking medications containing acetaminophen, you should perform a fingerstick to confirm your blood glucose level. A minimum of two fingersticks a day are required for calibration.