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Introducing the 2023 Dexcom U Class

Building on the season one launch of Dexcom U in 2022, Dexcom U season 2 is back and bigger than ever. This unique NIL (name, image, likeness) program is currently made up of 20 athletes spanning 10 different sports. Through awareness and education, Dexcom U looks to raise up all athletes battling diabetes and give our athletes a platform to inspire others in the community.
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Dexcom U remains the only NIL program dedicated to supporting college athletes with diabetes.

The Dexcom U athletes will continue sharing their stories and experiences in hopes to put an end to the common misconception that living with diabetes is a barrier in pursuing your dreams.
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Dexcom U is a Dexcom Warrior Program dedicated to highlighting athletes with diabetes playing at the collegiate level. Our goal is to continue inspiring people with diabetes who currently play sports, want to pursue sports, or participate in physical activities, to not let diabetes hold them back.

Practical tips for diabetes management from Dexcom U student athletes

Stay hydrated, be proactive, build a circle of support – these are a few practical tips from Dexcom U athletes for others with diabetes – regardless of skill level. Learn more from our Dexcom U Warriors about what they have found to work best for them in their journey to reach the highest level of competition while managing diabetes.
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Educational resources

Did you know nearly half (43%) of adults with Type 1 diabetes felt like quitting sports/physical activities after their diagnosis?* Research insights and community conversations revealed the impact that living with diabetes can have on your self-motivation to participate in sports or physical activity.
The heart of Dexcom U is to help correct these common misconceptions surrounding diabetes in sports. Through this program, we want to show those living with diabetes that anything is possible, including managing your diabetes while pursuing your passion for sports or staying active. We’ve created resources for parents, coaches, teammates, and friends to provide them with the necessary tools to best support those in their circle living with diabetes.
*T1 Aspirations & Physical Activity research, dQ&A Market Research Inc., September 2022
  • Supporting athletes living with diabetes guide
  • Tips for managing diabetes on and off the field guide

Meet our 2023 Dexcom U athletes

Dexcom U Warrior Amber Jackson

Amber Jackson

A dual-sport collegiate athlete at the University of Louisville. As a forward for the soccer team and a steeplechaser for track and field, she credits her Dexcom CGM as a way to keep herself healthy, active, and on top of her game. 
Dexcom U Ava DeStefan

Ava DeStefon

A Division 1 competitive cheerleader at Clemson University. Diagnosed with diabetes at age 5, she credits it for building her into the person and athlete she is today. 

Beau Corrales

Currently playing football at Texas State University, he is excited to be a part of Dexcom U and use his platform as an athlete to connect with and inspire other T1D’s around the country. 

Bri Carrasquillo

Plays on Yale’s Division 1 Lacrosse team. She uses her Dexcom CGM & Omnipod insulin pump to manage her diabetes with confidence on the field and off. 

Bryce Frederick

Playing Division 1 baseball at his hometown Towson University. He shares his glucose numbers with his trainers so they can monitor his levels during games, freeing him up to focus on the field. 

Cade Brown

Playing baseball at Murray State University. During practice and games, he’s able to know where his glucose levels are at with his Dexcom CGM, which helps him continue to reach new goals. 

Caleb Fauria

Competing as a tight end on the Division 1 University of Colorado Football team. He hopes to show the younger generation of athletes with diabetes that they can still achieve their goals.

Dante Vasquez

A half back for Springfield College. He says Dexcom CGM has allowed him to live with less stress because can always view what his glucose levels are doing which ultimately allows him to perform at his best. 

Isaac Traudt

A power forward for the D1 Creighton University basketball team. During games, at night, and in everyday life, Issac finds comfort in always knowing his numbers with Dexcom CGM. 

Jaime Ferrer

A collegiate baseball player at Florida State University. He feels very proud and happy to be part of Dexcom U, share his story, and motivate and inspire others to thrive and live fully. 

Jaxon Dowell

Golfer at the University of Oklahoma. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 3 but always remembers feeling the support of those around him including his father and twin sister who also manage diabetes themselves.  

Jessica Walter

A softball pitcher at Providence College. Through Dexcom U, she hopes to be a role model for younger athletes with diabetes to show them that anything is possible, even with diabetes. 

Josh Meriwether

Joshua is currently playing football at Tennessee State University. 

Leo Giannoni

A pitcher on the Columbus State University baseball team. Using his Dexcom CGM has helped him to continue performing at his best, doing what he loves without feeling held back. 

Madison Moraja

A D1 Track and Field sprinter at NC State University. She is passionate about empowering younger generations with diabetes by sharing her story and reminding them that they are not alone. 

Marlee Fray

Attends the University of Texas and is a forward on the women’s Soccer team. With the support of her Dexcom CGM & Tandem insulin pump, her sights are set on playing professionally after college. 

Nicholas Hahne

Attends the University of Notre Dame where he will be competing on the D1 Co-Ed Cheerleading team. A few years after his diagnosis, he switched to a Dexcom CGM and pump system which he says has helped him become the athlete he is today and focus on his goals and passions.

Paris Husic

Attends Wake Forest University where he competes in track and field specializing in the decathlon. With his Dexcom CGM & Tandem insulin pump, Paris is able to live out his dream of being a Division 1 athlete and compete in one of the most challenging events. 

Raegan Lantz

A Volleyball player at Miami (OH) University. Drawing inspiration from her own life, she aims to spread the message to young athletes that having Type 1 does not have to stop you from reaching your goals. 

Tristan Wakefield

Attends Syracuse University and is on the Men’s Rowing team. He was diagnosed with T1D when he was 7 years old and credits Dexcom CGM for changing his life because it offered him more stability in managing his diabetes.

How to sign up for Dexcom U

Want to get involved?

Want to get involved? Share your experience living with diabetes with your circle and the diabetes community. Help in spreading the message about how your diabetes diagnosis doesn’t or didn’t stop you from achieving your goals.
If you’re interested in joining the team, sign up to become a Dexcom Warrior and make sure to state your interest to join “Dexcom U” within the sign-up form. We look forward to hearing from you and learning about your diabetes journey.
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