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Dexcom is here to provide you with ongoing support and answer any questions you may have about your Dexcom CGM System. Locate the right support department below based on your immediate needs.

Need support for a Dexcom product?

Has your sensor come off or are you missing glucose readings? Submit a product support request through the online form below. We are here to help.
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Product support

Contact Dexcom directly for product troubleshooting and software support.
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Live chat with a product support agent

Live chat is available Monday-Sunday from 5AM-5PM PST.
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Dexcom overpatch and instructions sheet

Request Dexcom overpatches

Overpatches may help keep adhesive secure and clean.
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Request a call back from a product support agent

This queue is open 24/7.

Contact information for product support

Contact Dexcom directly for product troubleshooting and software support.

Customer support

General customer inquiries for orders, CGM training, and education resources.
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Contact information for customer support

General customer inquiries, CGM support and education.

Help center

Visit our Help Center for product support videos, FAQs and more.
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Dexcom CARE

Dexcom CGM training and ongoing education, tutorials, clinical support for products and use

Upgrading to Dexcom G7 is simple if you use Dexcom G6!

Dexcom G7 has all the capabilities you know and love about Dexcom G6, with some amazing new upgrades; we can’t wait for you to experience it.
If you currently use Dexcom G6 with a connected insulin pump or pen,# we recommend continuing with Dexcom G6 until compatibility with your pump or pen is added to Dexcom G7. We’re working with our insulin delivery partners to integrate with Dexcom G7 as soon as possible.
Click the link below to learn more about upgrading.
# To learn more about insulin pump integrations and compatibility with Dexcom G6, visit dexcom.com/en-us/partnerships/integrations-and-compatibility.
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