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Accuracy: BGM vs CGM readings

Learn the differences between blood glucose monitor (BGM) and continuous glucose monitor (CGM) glucose readings, and why they could differ slightly.
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Real user stories

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Dexcom Warrior story: Greg G.

Army Veteran Colonel Greg Gadson shares his survival story and how he uses Dexcom G7 to manage his type 2 diabetes so he can enjoy time with his grandkids.
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Dexcom Warrior story: Keary & Zola

Dexcom Warriors Keary and Zola share how living with type 1 diabetes and using Dexcom CGM helped them bond and live life to the fullest.
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Dexcom Warrior story: Dan T.

Former pro wrestler Dan Turner discusses his type 2 diabetes diagnosis, increasing awareness, and how Dexcom G7 helps him live a healthier life.

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Dexcom CGM explained

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Dexcom G7 system overview

The all-new Dexcom G7 CGM System is powerful, easy to use, and made to work for you. Here are a few reasons why it stands out compared to other CGM systems.
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Dexcom G7 app walkthrough

Explore the completely redesigned Dexcom G7 app. A powerfully simple way to better monitor your glucose numbers.

How to Get Continuous Glucose Monitoring on a Compatible Smartwatch

Learn how continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) can send real-time glucose numbers to your smart watch so you can easily monitor your diabetes 24/7.

Managing diabetes

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Diabetes discussions: food & activity

Dexcom Warrior David Padilla shares how real-time CGM data helps him take better health decisions, control his diabetes, and enjoy food.
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Food and your diabetes management

Three quick tips to help you stay on track, gain more control, and decrease the mental toll of living with diabetes
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Diabetes discussions: CGM during pregnancy

Dexcom Warrior Dale shares her story about managing type 2 diabetes during pregnancy using a CGM, improving her glucose control and time in range, and staying healthy.

Clinical corner

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Time in range vs. A1C

Learn how Time in range and A1C play a role in your diabetes management.
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Accuracy: BGM vs. CGM readings

Learn the difference between BGM and CGM glucose readings and how to get the most accurate readings possible.
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Medicare expands CGM coverage for type 2 diabetes

Expanded Medicare coverage makes it possible for more people with type 2 diabetes to get Dexcom CGM. Find out if you qualify.
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