Managing Diabetes

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Diabetes discussions: Food & activity

Dexcom Warrior David Padilla shares how real-time continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data helps him make better health decisions, manage his diabetes, and enjoy food.
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Diabetes discussions: CGM during pregnancy

Dexcom Warrior Dale shares her story about managing type 2 diabetes during pregnancy using a CGM, improving her glucose control and time in range, and staying healthy.
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Diabetes discussions: Better doctors appointments with Dexcom Clarity

Endocrinologist Dr. Bogdanovics and Dexcom Warrior Keary discuss living with diabetes and Dexcom CGM insights help with glucose management.
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female doctor showing dexcom clarity app screen to mother and two sons

Diabetes discussions: Caring for kids with CGM

Nurse practitioner Kacie Doyle-Delgado and Dexcom Warrior Cara discuss how Dexcom CGM brings peace of mind when caring for kids with diabetes.
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Exercise tips from a dietitian living with diabetes

Exercise can be beneficial for people living with diabetes, but it’s important to know how it can affect glucose levels and how to monitor.
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Food and your diabetes management

Three great tips to help you stay on track, gain more control, and decrease the mental toll of living with diabetes.

Tips for People with Diabetes from Dexcom U Athletes

Athletes with diabetes face unique challenges, so we asked the Dexcom U class of 2023 to share practical tips on managing diabetes when engaging in sports or working out.
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