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Dexcom Warrior story: Leo and Annie

When Leo Leal was diagnosed with diabetes, his health management unsurprisingly became a true family affair that ultimately inspired the creation of a food business.
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Dexcom Warrior story: Marlee Fray

For Dexcom U Warrior Marlee Fray, soccer was always her destiny, and she refused to let her unexpected diabetes diagnosis derail her dreams of playing at the highest levels on the pitch.

Dexcom Warrior story: Brian A.

By pairing Dexcom CGM with Ozempic and Metformin, Brian Adcock learned how to manage his type 2 diabetes, lower his A1C, and maintain a healthy diet.
Dexcom Warrior Steven C

Dexcom Warrior story: Steven C.

Faced with a diabetes ultimatum, Dexcom Warrior Steven turned his life around learning how to monitor his glucose and live healthier with a CGM.
Dexcom User Dr. Thomas Grace

Real user story: Dr. Thomas Grace

Read about Dr. Thomas Grace's life-long diabetes journey, his dedication to helping his patients, and his impact through diabetes advocacy for affordable CGM.
Man wearing sensor on arm riding bike

Dexcom Warrior story: Colonel Greg G.

Army Veteran Colonel Greg Gadson shares his survival story and how he uses Dexcom G7 to manage his type 2 diabetes so he can enjoy time with his grandkids.
woman and daughter wearing sensors on arm smiling

Dexcom Warrior story: Keary & Zola

Dexcom Warriors Keary and Zola share how living with type 1 diabetes and and using Dexcom CGM helped them bond and live life to the fullest.
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Dexcom Warrior story: Dan T

Former pro wrestler Dan Turner discusses his type 2 diabetes diagnosis, increasing awareness, and how Dexcom G7 helps him live a healthier life.
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Dexcom Warrior story: Biz V

Food blogger Biz Velatini creates her own recipe for successful type 2 management with Dexcom G7.
man wearing dexcom sensor on arm sitting in gym

Dexcom Warrior story: Bryan B

Dexcom Warrior Bryan Brown shares his journey with type 2 diabetes and how Dexcom G7 helped him lower his A1C.

Dexcom Warrior story: Alton M

Dawgfatha’s BBQ pitmaster talks about getting his life back on track with Dexcom CGM for diabetes, improving glycemic control with no fingersticks* and lowering his A1C to 5.4%.
*Fingersticks required for diabetes treatment decisions if symptoms or expectations do not match readings.† Individual results may vary

Dexcom Warrior story: Samara and Addie

Samara, mom of toddler with type 1 diabetes, overcomes anxiety and parenting challenges with the help of Dexcom CGM and supports other parents caring for kids with diabetes.
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