How Do I Update My Insurance Information?

If you have recently obtained new insurance and would like to update your information for your Dexcom shipments, please contact your pharmacy or medical distributor directly to make this change.
If your pharmacy or medical distributor is not in network with your insurance coverage please contact your doctor for medical distributor recommendations. You can also contact Dexcom CARE at 888-738-3646 to receive guidance on how to proceed

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What documents must be provided to my insurance company?

Contact Dexcom to get the specific information you will need with your insurance plan as plan requirements vary.
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Why did Dexcom refer me to a distributor?

Dexcom does not currently have contracts with all insurance companies. In order to provide you with the lowest price, we may refer you to our distributor partners who are in-network with your insurance company. Please contact your distributor directly with specific questions about your order and to reorder future sensors.

Is Dexcom G7 CGM available at my pharmacy?

You may have pharmacy coverage for Dexcom G7 CGM through your insurance, which would allow you to get supplies at your local pharmacy. Learn how.
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