How do I log into Dexcom Clarity?

You must have a Dexcom account to use Dexcom Clarity. You must use the same Dexcom account for all your Dexcom devices. Do not create a duplicate Dexcom account or your data will not be found. If you are unsure if you have an account, try to recover the login. You already have a Dexcom account if you:
  • Use the Dexcom CGM app
  • Upload your Dexcom receiver to Dexcom Clarity at home
You can reset your Dexcom username and password if needed. Please do not create a second Dexcom account.

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Why do I see "username or password are incorrect" when I try to log into the Dexcom Clarity app on my smartphone?

If you’ve already confirmed your username and password are correct, you may need to check your phone settings next.
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How do I update the software on my Dexcom receiver?

Dexcom receiver updates can be done in Dexcom Clarity when software updates are available. To see if a software update is available, log in to Dexcom Clarity and follow these steps.
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