How do I enable the sharing of my glucose data from the Dexcom G6 app to the Apple Health app?

Apple Health is an app included in Apple devices with iOS 8 and higher. The user can enable the Dexcom G6 app to send glucose information to the Apple Health app. The Health app will display the Sharer’s glucose information with a three-hour delay. It will not display real-time glucose information. Follow these steps to enable the sharing of glucose data from the G6 app to the Health app on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad:
  1. Go to the menu in the G6 app
  2. Choose Settings
  3. Choose Health
  4. Tap the Enable button to enable sharing CGM data with the Health app
  5. Tap the slider for “Blood Glucose” on the health access screen
Press the “Done” button to return to the Dexcom G6 app.

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