If I am replacing my smart device, what will I need to do?

If you are replacing your smart device and use the Dexcom G6, please review the following instructions. These steps are applicable for only the Dexcom G6 and can be completed while in a current sensor session or at the time of a sensor change. You will need to first install the Dexcom G6 app on your new smart device. Write down the current transmitter SN (listed under Settings) from the old G6 app. Also, you may need to look under account to verify your Dexcom Username. You will also need your Dexcom password, but this is not listed in the app itself.
Delete the G6 app from your old smart device and remove the transmitter connection under the Bluetooth settings (forget device). On the new smart device, login to the app with your existing Dexcom Username and Password. Follow the set-up screens, if prompted. You may receive a pairing request on the new phone to connect it to the current transmitter. After entering the transmitter SN, you will be asked to enter a sensor code. If you are in a current session, choose “no code”. The sensor code will be stored on the transmitter so you will not be asked for calibrations. After completing the set up, it may take up to 5 minutes to reconnect back to the session and then your sensor readings history and trends will show up on your new device.

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