What’s new in the Dexcom G6 1.10.2 App Update?

The new Dexcom G6 1.10.2 iOS app update released April 2023 applies to Dexcom G6 iOS users. We improved the app’s performance and added several new enhancements and fixes – based on your feedback – to improve your experience.
Enhancements include:
  • iOS Time Sensitive Notifications to allow non-critical notifications to show on the lock screen during iOS Focus Modes.
  • Bug fix to stop notifications from sounding on first notification while phone is silent or muted.
  • Bug fix to stop notifications from pausing music, CarPlay, and podcast apps.
To update your Dexcom G6 app, visit the app store on your iPhone, search for Dexcom G6, and update the Dexcom G6 app to version 1.10.2.

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