What can I do to keep the G7 adhesive patch from peeling off my body?

How to use the Dexcom G7 adhesive overpatch:
Follow the insertion instructions carefully and be sure to use the sensor overpatch included with your G7 sensor. Here are some tips that may help you keep your sensor on for the entire sensor session.

Site preparation:

  1. Site: Sensor site should be flat, clean, and completely dry before you insert the sensor. There should be some fat under the skin at the sensor site.
  2. Extra adhesive: Put additional adhesive on the patch before applying the overpatch and let dry. For more recommendations, click here or in the app, go to Profile > Help > Find Answers.
  3. Placement: The patch stays on best when it’s not where your skin folds.
  4. Avoid hair: Apply the patch to areas without a lot of hair. If needed, shave the site with electric clippers.
  5. Old adhesive: Remove any adhesive residue from previous sensors. Consider using a body oil or adhesive remover for skin (such as Uni-solve, Detachol, or Tac Away).

Patch care:

  1. Ask a friend, family member, or healthcare provider to help insert your first Dexcom G7 sensor and apply the overlay patch.
  2. Look in a mirror while positioning the applicator or applying your G7 overpatch.
  3. The longer you keep it dry and sweat-free in the first 12 hours, the longer it may stick to your skin and keep it from falling off.
  4. When it gets wet, gently pat it dry as soon as you can.
  5. If it peels off your skin, trim the peeled parts and put on medical tape. For more recommendations, click here or in the app, go to Profile > Help > Find Answers.

How to apply your Dexcom G7 overpatch:


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