What does the No Readings alert mean?

If you are receiving a "No Readings" alert on your Dexcom G6 and you are not getting Dexcom G6 readings for the last 20 minutes, please follow the solutions below:
  • You will not receive glucose alarm/alerts or Dexcom G6 readings until fixed. Use meter.
  • In Dexcom G6 app, tap the alert to get more information.
  • Check the transmitter: Is it snapped into the holder?
  • Common causes of No Readings alert include:
  1. if water is between your transmitter and display device (for example, if you're swimming or showering)
  2. if your transmitter is more than 20 feet away from your display device, and/or if there is an obstacle in between them (such as walls or metal)
  3. if you are laying on your sensor while sleeping.
Please wait up to 3 hours while the system fixes itself. The sensor error will usually clear up within 1 hour. If not corrected after 3 hours, contact Technical Support (available 24/7) by submitting a request below or call 1-844-607-8398

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What does the Sensor Error alert mean?

If you are experiencing a Sensor Error alert and are not getting Dexcom G6 readings, it means the sensor is temporarily unable to measure the glucose or your components are not communicating.
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What does the Signal Loss alert mean?

This alert tells you when you’re not getting Dexcom G6 readings. Your display device may be too far from your transmitter or there may be something, such as a wall or water, between your transmitter and your display device.
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