What does the No Readings alert mean?

If you are receiving a "No Readings" alert on your Dexcom G6 and you are not getting Dexcom G6 readings for the last 20 minutes, please follow the solutions below:
  • You will not receive glucose alarm/alerts or Dexcom G6 readings until fixed. Use meter.
  • In Dexcom G6 app, tap the alert to get more information.
  • Check the transmitter: Is it snapped into the holder?
  • Common causes of No Readings alert include:
  1. if water is between your transmitter and display device (for example, if you're swimming or showering)
  2. if your transmitter is more than 20 feet away from your display device, and/or if there is an obstacle in between them (such as walls or metal)
  3. if you are laying on your sensor while sleeping.
Please wait up to 3 hours while the system fixes itself. The sensor error will usually clear up within 1 hour. If not corrected after 3 hours, contact Technical Support (available 24/7) by submitting a request below or call 1-844-607-8398

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What does the Sensor Error alert mean?

If you are experiencing a Sensor Error alert and are not getting Dexcom G6 readings, it means the sensor is temporarily unable to measure the glucose or your components are not communicating.
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