What does the “Bluetooth is off” alert mean on my G7 CGM?

The “Bluetooth is off” alert means this function is turned off. It will either show as App Bluetooth is off or Phone Bluetooth is off. Bluetooth must be on to get glucose information on your display device. * Refer to your smart device guide to turn on your Bluetooth.
What are the recommended Dexcom G7 Android smartphone settings?
*Compatible smart devices sold separately. To view a list of compatible smart devices, visit dexcom.com/compatibility


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What does the Signal Loss alert mean?

This alert tells you when you’re not getting Dexcom G6 readings. Your display device may be too far from your transmitter or there may be something, such as a wall or water, between your transmitter and your display device.
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How to fix Dexcom G7 Signal Loss?

Is your Dexcom G7 losing signal? Learn how to troubleshoot Signal Loss Alert when using Dexcom G7 CGM app or receiver and how to prevent it from happening.
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