Why am I not seeing data in Dexcom Clarity or in my third-party application?

In order to receive and see your Dexcom CGM data in Dexcom Clarity and your third-party apps and devices (e.g. Glooko app), please ensure the following settings:
  • You have consented to share your data with Dexcom during or after account set-up, and consented to sharing with compatible connected applications or devices.
  • In your CGM app, ensure you have turned on Share.
  • You have authorized Dexcom Clarity and/or the third-party application to receive your Dexcom CGM data.
  • You have an active Internet connection on your phone.

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Why am I not seeing my Dexcom CGM data in third party Dexcom connected partner applications?

In order to receive and see your Dexcom CGM data in third-party apps and devices that are Dexcom connected partners (e.g. Digital Health apps and Lifestyle devices), please ensure the following settings.
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Why is my data not up to the minute in Dexcom Clarity?

Dexcom Clarity provides recently available CGM information from the Dexcom CGM app or receiver. Use the current information on the CGM app or receiver for treatment decisions, not the information from Dexcom Clarity as that information is outdated.
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