Will events entered into my Dexcom receiver or Dexcom CGM app show in Dexcom Clarity?

If you enter events such as carbs or exercise on both your receiver and your smart device, then both the receiver and the smart device must be uploaded to Dexcom Clarity to show complete data and accurate statistics.

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How can I use events to manage my glucose levels with Dexcom G7 CGM?

Dexcom G7 gives you a graph that shows where your glucose has been. Event logging can help you understand why your glucose changed.
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Why is my data not up to the minute in Dexcom Clarity?

Dexcom Clarity provides recently available CGM information from the Dexcom CGM app or receiver. Use the current information on the CGM app or receiver for treatment decisions, not the information from Dexcom Clarity as that information is outdated.
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