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Replacing your Dexcom G7 sensor when using a receiver

Replacing your Dexcom G7 sensor is easy – follow these steps to learn how to easily replace your Dexcom G7 CGM sensor and pair your new sensor when using the receiver:
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Follow these steps to easily remove and replace your Dexcom G7 sensor:

Your sensor has a 12 hour grace period at the end of the session. You'll get alerts letting you know your sensor session or grace period will end. The grace period gives you more time to replace your sensor so you can do it when it's convenient for you. You can either end your sensor early or wait until it automatically ends.
To end your session early, go to Menu and select:
  • Replace Sensor: If you want to start a new sensor immediately
  • Stop Sensor Session: If you want to stop this sensor without starting a new one
The other option is to wait until your sensor automatically ends, at this point the receiver will tell you it is time to start a new sensor.

Step 1:

To remove your sensor, peel off the patch like a bandage.

Step 2:

Now you need to insert a new sensor.
  • Clean your new site with an alcohol wipe
  • Unscrew the cap
  • Press and hold the applicator firmly against your skin and push the button.
If you need a refresher on sensor insertion you can review the in-app instructions.

Step 3:

Back on the receiver confirm your sensor is inserted and enter your pairing code.

Step 4:

Wait for your sensor to pair, select Finish on the pairing complete screen, and enter into your sensor warmup.
The sensor warmup timer lets you know when you’ll start getting readings and alerts.
  • Keep your phone within 20 feet during pairing and warmup.
  • up to 30 min warmup
And that is how you replace your Dexcom G7!
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