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How to replace your transmitter

Your Dexcom G6 transmitter battery is good for up to three months. About three weeks before the expected end of its life, you’ll receive warnings through the G6 app or your receiver counting down until there are only 10 days remaining. Because 10 days equal one sensor session, if the battery runs down to 10 days or fewer of remaining power, you won’t be able to start a new sensor session with it.

1. Remove your Dexcom G6 sensor and transmitter

Pinch the edge of the adhesive patch, then peel the adhesive and transmitter up and away from your body, similar to the way you’d remove a bandage.
Push down the lip of the transmitter holder and break open its wide end. Remove the transmitter from the holder and dispose of both.

2. Enter the new transmitter serial number

Find the serial number on the back of your new transmitter box. Using the Dexcom G6 app on your smart device, you can either take a picture of it or enter it manually. You can also enter it manually using your receiver.

3. Enter a new sensor code

Grab a new sensor and enter its code, either by taking a picture or entering it manually in the Dexcom G6 app, or by using your receiver.

now it’s time to insert a new sensor and attach the new transmitter.

4. Preparation

Wash and dry your hands.
Decide where on your body you want to insert the sensor. Choose someplace that’s:
  • At least 3 inches from your insulin pump infusion set or your insulin injection site
  • Not a bony area, such as ribs or hipbones
  • Free of scarring, tattoos, thick hair, or irritated skin
  • Different from a current sensor site (if you’re replacing a sensor)
Clean the skin at the insertion site with rubbing alcohol.

5. Insertion

Being careful not to touch the adhesive, remove both labels from the sensor applicator, exposing the sticky surface.
Place the sticky adhesive side of the applicator against your skin at the insertion site.
Fold and break off the safety guard on the applicator’s orange button.
Press the button to insert the sensor.
Remove the applicator – you’ve successfully inserted your Dexcom G6 sensor!

6. Attaching the Dexcom G6 transmitter to the sensor

Clean the transmitter by wiping it with alcohol and letting it dry.
Insert the transmitter tab into the slot on your sensor and snap it firmly into place.
Rub a finger around the edge of the sensor patch three times to make sure the sensor is secure against your skin.
You’ve successfully attached your transmitter!

starting your new sensor

To start your new sensor, on the app, tap “Next” and “Yes” when asking if you inserted your sensor and attached your transmitter. Wait for your transmitter to pair and tap “Pair.” Then tap “Start Sensor” on your smart device to begin your sensor warmup. Sensor warmup will take 2 hours to complete. Note that you will not receive readings or alerts during this time.
Click here to view the Dexcom G6 User Guide for more information.
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