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How to get started and set up the Dexcom G7 receiver

If you choose to use a receiver to track your glucose readings in real-time, this video will show you how to get started and set up the Dexcom G7 receiver, what comes in the receiver kit, and how to insert your sensor.

1. Inserting your sensor

The Dexcom G7 sensor box contains your applicator with built in sensor, overpatch and your instructions for use. Your Dexcom G7 receiver box contains your receiver, usb cable and power adapter.
Your first step is to insert your sensor.
To insert your sensor, first choose a sensor site.
Age 7 years and older
Back of upper arm
Age 24 months - 6 years
Back of upper arm
Upper buttocks
Avoid areas:
  • With loose skin or without enough fat to avoid muscles and bones
  • That get bumped, pushed, or you lie on when sleeping
  • Within 3 inches of infusion or injection site
  • Near waistband or with irritations, scarring, tattoos, or lots of hair
Before you begin wash and dry your hands.
  1. Choose a site on the back of the upper arm with enough fat to avoid muscle, and a site that is not likely to be bumped or pushed.
  2. Clean your site with an alcohol wipe and let it dry for at least 10 seconds.
  3. Grab your applicator and unscrew the cap. Don’t touch inside the applicator.
  4. Press and hold the applicator firmly against your skin. Now push the button.
  5. Remove the applicator.
To help keep the patch on your skin, rub firmly around the patch 3 times. Then press gently on the sensor for 10 seconds.

2. Appying your overpatch

Your overpatch will help you keep the sensor on and is bundled with your instructions in the box.
  1. Carefully pull off the clear liners one at a time. Don’t touch the white adhesive area.
  2. Use the colored tab to place the overpatch around the sensor. You may need to look in a mirror for this part.
  3. Rub around the overpatch.
  4. Use the tab to peel off the colored liner.
  5. Lastly, rub around the overpatch.

3. Pairing the receiver and starting the sensor

Your receiver has 4 buttons – select, scroll down, go back , and scroll up.
To turn on your receiver press and hold the select button for 3 seconds. The receiver walks you through the entire setup process step by step.
  1. Select next to continue.
  2. First you will accept the Dexcom terms of use and privacy policy and set your date and time.
  3. The receiver will then display a series of educational screens so you can learn everything you need to know about your G7. This in-receiver mini tutorial will teach you all about safety, treatment decisions, trend arrows, alerts and reading your home screen.
  4. After learning all about your new G7 system, you will need to confirm your sensor is inserted.
  5. You will then enter the pairing code. You will find the 4-digit pairing code on the applicator you used to insert the sensor.
  6. Wait for your sensor to pair.
  7. Once pairing is complete select finish and you will enter into your sensor warmup. The sensor warmup timer lets you know when you’ll start getting readings and alerts.
    Keep your phone within 20 feet during pairing and warmup.
    up to 30 min warmup
After your warmup you will start getting readings, and alerts.
Remember you can customize your alerts anytime under Menu > Settings > Alerts
That’s it! You have successfully setup your Dexcom G7 receiver!
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