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Inserting sensor and attaching transmitter

Inserting your Dexcom G6 sensor and attaching the transmitter is quick and easy. Learn tips and tricks for a seamless insertion.

Dexcom G6 sensor insertion tutorial

  • Wash and dry your hands.
  • Decide where on your body you want to insert the sensor. Choose someplace that’s:
  • At least 3 inches from your insulin pump infusion set or your insulin injection site
  • Not a bony area such as ribs or hipbones
  • Free of scarring, tattoos, thick hair, or irritated skin
  • Different from a current sensor site (if you’re replacing a sensor)
  • Clean the skin at the insertion site with rubbing alcohol.
  • Being careful not to touch the adhesive, remove both labels from the sensor applicator, exposing the sticky surface.
  • Place the sticky adhesive side of the applicator against your skin at the insertion site.
  • Fold and break off the safety guard on the applicator’s orange button.
  • Press the button to insert the sensor.
  • Remove the applicator – you’ve successfully inserted your Dexcom G6 sensor!
Attaching the Dexcom G6 blood glucose transmitter to the sensor:
  • Clean the transmitter by wiping it with alcohol and letting it dry.
  • Insert the transmitter tab into the slot on your sensor and snap it firmly into place.
  • Rub a finger around the edge of the sensor patch three times to make sure the sensor is secure against your skin.
  • You’ve successfully attached your transmitter!
You can swim, bathe, shower, and exercise as normal, while your Dexcom G6 continuously monitors your glucose and helps keep you in control of your diabetes management.
For detailed instructions on how to use the Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System, please refer to the user guide at
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