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How to Remove your sensor and transmitter

How to end a sensor session early:
Go to the main menu of the Dexcom G6 App, scroll to the bottom of the menu, select “Stop Sensor,” and select “Yes”. After ending the session, you will be taken to the home screen, where you will see a “New Sensor” option. Please follow the on-screen steps once you select “New Sensor”. If you need to end your sensor session early, such as for procedures where you can’t wear the sensor, please follow the above steps.
How to end a sensor session:
On the 10th day of your sensor session, you will receive a notification that your session is about to end. You will receive these notifications 24 hours, 6 hours, 2 hours, and 30 minutes prior to the official end of the sensor session. The session will end on its own to the exact hour and minute that the start sensor option was selected 10 days prior.

how to remove your Dexcom G6 sensor and transmitter:

When you remove your Dexcom G6 sensor, your transmitter will also come off. Remember that your transmitter is reusable; don’t throw it away until its battery has died. One transmitter has a battery life of 90 days, so you can use the same transmitter over a number of sensor sessions. You will receive notifications as the transmitter nears the end of its battery life.
Follow these easy steps:
person removing sensor from abdomen


First, grab the edge of the adhesive patch, then peel the adhesive and transmitter up and away from your body like you’re removing a bandage.
hands removing transmitter from holder


Next, to remove the transmitter from the holder, push down the lip of the transmitter holder and break open its wide end.
hands pulling transmitter from holder


Pull the transmitter out of the holder and keep it to use with your next sensor. You’ll reuse your transmitter for three months.


Throw away patch, with the holder and sensor attached, following your local guidelines for disposal of blood-contacting components.

start a new Dexcom G6 sensor session

After removing the Dexcom G6 sensor from your body and the transmitter from the transmitter holder, you’re ready to start a new sensor session. You won’t have to pair your transmitter to your compatible smart device;* the transmitter will remain paired until the end of its battery life. However, you will need to enter a new sensor code, because the code is specific to each sensor.
*To view a list of compatible smart devices, visit
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