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Setting up Dexcom Share and Follow

Dexcom Share is a feature within the Dexcom G6 app that allows you to share your glucose data with up to 10 designated persons (followers).* Designated followers who download the Dexcom Follow app will then be able to remotely monitor your glucose data from their compatible smart devices.
Here’s how to set up Dexcom Share, and how your followers will set up the Dexcom Follow app to receive your information (available for Android and Apple devices).

Step 1. Open the Dexcom G6 app

To set up Dexcom Share, open the Dexcom G6 app on your smart device, and press the Share Icon on the home screen.
Follow the instructions: The app will walk you through information screens and inviting followers.

Step 2. Add a follower

Add a follower by entering their email address. Then, using Follower Settings, choose if you want your follower to see your glucose trend graph.
Next, choose which notifications you want them to receive. Then review your invitation and send it. This will trigger an email to your follower.

Step 3. An email is sent to the follower

This email gives your follower two options: Download the Dexcom Follow app or start following. If they haven’t already installed the app, they’ll need to download it before clicking Start Following.
Once the app is installed, the invitation will take them into the app, where they will go through information screens, and then be able to accept the invitation.
Upon accepting the invitation, your followers will be able to see your Dexcom glucose readings, as well as the alert settings you selected. They can also change what alerts they receive without changing your alert thresholds and settings.
To do this, your follower should tap Settings, then Edit, and then change the notifications as needed. The only thing the follower cannot change is whether they see your trend graph: This remains in control at your end.
Your set up should now be complete! If you have questions, please contact Dexcom.
† To view a list of compatible smart devices, visit
* Requires separate Follow app and internet connectivity.
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