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How do I keep my sensor on for the full 10-day wear?

Patch Adhesion

Does your sensor patch start peeling off before your sensor session is over? Skin types differ. Extra care may help you keep your sensor on for the entire sensor session. Here are tips some diabetes educators have used successfully with other Dexcom patients. Use these with your product instructions.


Before inserting the sensor

Timing:Skin types vary, and for some people, it may take a while (e.g., overnight) for the patch to fully dry and stick. During that time, keep your skin dry and avoid doing anything that would make you sweat. If inserting a new sensor before bed, make sure you're through the warmup before you go to sleep.

Placement: The patch stays on best when it isn’t where your skin folds when you bend or near waistbands. Change sites with every sensor session.


  • Sensor site should be flat, clean, and completely dry before you insert the sensor.
  • Extra adhesive (such as Mastisol or SkinTac) tip: Put on additional adhesive under the patch, avoiding the spot where needle inserts. Let dry.

Cleanliness tips:

  • Apply the patch to areas without hair.
  • Remove any adhesive residue from previous sensors. Consider using an adhesive remover (such as Uni-solve, Detachol, or Tac Away).
  • Clean and dry the site twice:
    • First, wash with soap and water. Dry.
    • Then, scrub site thoroughly with an alcohol wipe. Let dry.

Sensor tips:

  • If you just ended a sensor session, wait 10-15 minutes before starting another one
  • Store your sensors in a dry place between 36° - 86° F


During sensor insertion process

Press and hold:

After removing the labels from the adhesive patch, to make the patch stick better, press and hold the sensor applicator firmly to your skin – for about 30-60 seconds. Then release the pressure before pushing the button to insert the sensor.


After inserting the sensor

Rub patch: Immediately after inserting, rub entire patch 3 times. For extra pressure, consider using the back of your fingernail. Smooth out any wrinkles in the patch.

Allow drying time: Different skin types may affect how long the patch takes to fully dry and stick. For some people, it may take a while (e.g., overnight) for the patch to fully dry and stick.

Timing for Medical tape or Dexcom overpatch: Use the overpatch or medical tape to keep the patch on your skin.

  • If your skin has higher oil/moisture content, consider putting on the overpatch or medical tape immediately after inserting the sensor.
  • If your skin is drier or less elastic, consider waiting to see if the patch edges peel off your skin before you put the overpatch or medical tape on over the adhesive.

Order free overpatches in the Dexcom app at Settings > Contact > Technical Support > Online Support or at

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