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What are the latest updates in the G6 CGM App?

With the latest 1.4 Dexcom G6 App version update the follow features are now available for Dexcom users:


Siri Shortcut

You can now ask Siri to recite your Dexcom glucose readings out loud and display your graph directly on the lock screen. 

This is an optional feature that must be set up via a setup wizard in the G6 App.  For information on how to enable this feature please visit our FAQ

* This is relevant to the iOS 12 update and only affects iOS users. 



Critical alerts, front and center

Dexcom has created custom alert categories that will now appear on your iPhone lock screen. This is to ensure that in an unlikely event of multiple Dexcom alerts at once, critical alerts such as Urgent Low are not covered by non-critical alerts such as 24hr sensor expiry.  

* This is relevant to the iOS 12 update and only affects iOS users.


24-hour Sensor Expiration Reminders

Automatically receive an alert 24 hours before your sensor expiration so you can make sure you have sufficient time to prepare. 


Access to Dexcom CLARITY directly through the G6 App

Users now have easier access to Dexcom CLARITY through a direct link in the Dexcom G6 App. Links can be found on the Trend screen and the Events History Screen. Dexcom CLARITY provides users with additional dashboards and glucose information.


Dexcom Share

G6 users can now share their glucose readings with up to 10 people through the Share feature on the G6 App.

Please note- this does not impact the Dexcom Follow App.


Apple Watch Series 4 Face Complication

Apple Watch users can now select a new Graphic Circular complication to view their glucose readings on their Series 4 Watches.

To use, you will need to select the new complication in your Watch app. For instructions on how to select a new complication visit our FAQ.

* This only affects iOS users with a Series 4 watch.


Integration with Google Fit

Google Fit can now display your Dexcom CGM data on a 3hr delay. For more information on how to connect to Google Fit please visit our FAQ.

*This only affects Android users

Dexcom G6 CGM System FAQ Topics:

LBL017258 Rev001
US - English translation unavailable for Interested in Dexcom CGM.