Do I have to put the sensor code in every time I start a new sensor?

Yes, you’ll need to put in the sensor code from the sensor each time you start a new one. The sensor code is found on the bottom of the applicator on the adhesive strip.

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I lost my Dexcom sensor code. What do I do?

Without your sensor code, you’ll need to calibrate twice after your 2-hour sensor warmup is complete, a third time 12 hours later, a fourth time 12 hours after that, and then once every 24 hours.
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Explain the differences between the G6 4-digit code vs.the G7 4-digit code?

The Dexcom G7 sensor is factory calibrated. The 4-digit pairing code found on the G7 Wearable box and Applicator connects your G7 sensor to your smart device or receiver through bluetooth.

Does Dexcom G7 have a sensor code?

Dexcom G7 is factory calibrated. Unlike G6 sensors, the G7 sensors are pre-programmed with the factory calibration setting so you don’t need to enter a sensor code.
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