How soon will Dexcom support my Android phone?

Dexcom completes all required testing on the phones we support to ensure that the Dexcom CGM system meets safety, quality, and usability standards. Since the Dexcom CGM app is part of a medical device, these performance standards exist to ensure that our app will work as expected on compatible phones.
Because there are several thousand Android phones available on the market, it is not possible to complete the necessary testing on every Android phone. Also, not all Android phones may meet our performance standards or minimum Operating System requirements.
As a result, we focus on supporting some of the most popular flagship phones from several manufacturers, like Google and Samsung. We continue to identify new Android phones to add to our compatibility list that are based on customer requests and meet our performance standards. If your phone is not compatible, please use the Dexcom G6 receiver or purchase a compatible phone. To order a Dexcom G6 receiver, contact the company where you order your supplies from.
Visit to view the current list of compatible phones. We recommend periodically checking the site for updates. All phones listed on the site meet Dexcom’s testing and OS requirements.

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