What do I do if my Dexcom G6 applicator won't come off?

If you have pressed the button to insert your sensor but the applicator did not release, it is possible the needle did not retract properly. Don’t panic! Remove the applicator and adhesive patch by following these steps:
  • Gently pull applicator up until you see the adhesive patch.
  • Using your finger or thumb, hold the front edge of the patch and peel from the skin (Dexcom G6 System User Guide Chapter 14: Troubleshooting 239).
  • While holding the front edge of the adhesive patch, gently rock back the applicator away from your body.
  • Check the insertion site to make sure the sensor isn’t left on the skin.
  • Don’t try to reuse the applicator.

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What do I do with the applicator after use?

Dexcom recommends that users dispose of used Dexcom G7 applicators following local guidelines for blood-containing components.
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What do I do if my Dexcom G6 sensor wire breaks off?

Don’t ignore broken or detached sensor wires. A sensor wire could remain under your skin. If this happens, please contact our 24/7 Technical Support at 1-844-607-8398.

What happens if my Dexcom G6 sensor deploys early?

If you can see the introducer needle sticking out, please be careful that you do not poke yourself and make sure to use proper disposal methods for sharps.
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