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Dexcom Launches Dexcom CLARITY® Diabetes Management Solution in EMEA

Dexcom announced the general availability of the Dexcom CLARITY diabetes management solution in EMEA, enhancing user data visibility and analysis.


The cloud-based solution simplifies Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) data reporting and management, enabling patients and physicians to gain quick access and insight to data that can be used to make informed treatment decisions. Dexcom CLARITY works with the Dexcom CGM System by automatically sending a patient's CGM data to a secure cloud-based system that can easily be accessed by the patient's health care professional. The software platform allows for automated summaries and reports for physicians, empowering them to help their patients better manage their diabetes.


“Dexcom CLARITY now provides Dexcom Patients and HCPs with an innovative reporting solution. Data, both present and historical is now readily available in a single tool. Across Europe, CLARITY offers a compatible integrated data solution for G5 Mobile, streamlining the process for HCPs and Patients to securely share CGM data.” explained John Lister, General Manager EMEA, of Dexcom “This solution further simplifies the interpretation of CGM-generated data and allows for automated summaries and insights for HCPs, giving them the power to assess their patients’ health more readily and in more depth.”


Features of the CLARITY platform include integration with both Dexcom G4 Platinum and G5 Mobile CGM products; an intuitive platform for patients to share access with HCPs; and a Dashboard which features a patient’s A1C estimate, average glucose, time-in-range and standard deviation. CLARITY also contains six different reports, presenting the most relevant patterns and trends to make more informed diabetes management decisions.

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