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Dexcom G7 is now compatible with the Tandem t:slim X2™ insulin pump with Control-IQ Technology

The benefits of CGM and AID are many, and the new integration between Dexcom G7 and Tandem t:slim X2™ insulin pump could be the combination you need to take your diabetes management to the next level.
What is AID and what does it do?
AID stands for Automated Insulin Delivery. A continuous glucose monitor connects to an insulin pump and using the glucose values and trends from the CGM system, the insulin pump makes automatic adjustments to insulin delivery.
Since there are countless variables that affect glucose levels, people who require intensive insulin therapy often still struggle with elevated A1C and large swings in glucose values throughout the day. AID systems are designed to help users achieve increased time in range and reduce the day-to-day burden of managing diabetes.

The benefits of Dexcom CGM and AID Systems integration

The benefits of Dexcom CGM and the Tandem t:slim X2™ insulin pump integration are often described as “game-changing” and give users more peace of mind. Dexcom users with T1D have been shown to experience 11% more time in range. That is more than 2.6 hours a day!1 Along with fewer highs and lows you can also make in-the-moment treatment decisions without fingersticks.*
*Fingersticks required for diabetes treatment decisions if symptoms or expectations do not match readings.
Automated insulin delivery (AID) systems powered by Dexcom are designed to help you improve daily glucose management with life-changing1-3 results. The benefits of AID can be both physical and psychological. The Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists listed the following long-term benefits of AID systems in a 2022 educational guide4:
  • Fewer and less severe episodes of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia
  • Less worry by reducing the risk of hypoglycemia
  • Increased confidence due to more time in target range
  • Potential for improved A1C
  • Stable overnight glucose and increasing the potential for fasting glucose to remain within target
  • Improved sleep due to more stable glucose readings overnight
  • Reductions in diabetes distress - allowing the individual to not have to think about their diabetes self-management all the time
  • Allows for more “forgiveness” surrounding meals – if someone cannot count carbs precisely, the pump can compensate by increasing the insulin (basal and/or bolus) based on the glucose readings5
  • The ability to match basal needs more physiologically instead of presuming someone’s basal requirements are the same day after day
  • Reduces the daily tasks required to manage glucose readings

Dexcom G7 now integrates with Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pump

After months of collaboration, the Dexcom G7 continuous glucose monitoring system now integrates with the Tandem t:slim X2™ insulin pump.

How does Dexcom G7 work with Tandem t:slim X2™ insulin pump?

The Tandem t:slim X2™ insulin pump receives your current glucose levels and trends from your Dexcom G7 sensor and uses that information to make calculations and adjustments to your insulin delivery in real time to create an easy-to-use system that automates insulin dosing.
The Dexcom G7 and Tandem t:slim X2™ insulin pump integration features a few improvements when compared to prior models. With G7’s lightning fast 30 min warm up you’ll spend significantly less time without your CGM numbers and more time with your AID system active.
There are also a few new Dexcom alerts to help reduce alert fatigue and maximize your CGM experience. The delayed First Alert feature is particularly helpful for rising glucose after a meal and will delay the alert for a set amount of time so that the alert that you do get indicates that action is necessary. This can help prevent someone from unnecessarily taking action/bolusing, which can cause overcorrection (hypoglycemia).
The new Silence All alert feature allows you to silence all your alerts for up to 6 hours on the G7 app. When this setting is enabled, all Dexcom G7 alerts will be silent, and the user will not hear sounds or feel vibrations related to any alerts allowing total silence when it is needed. Users will still receive alerts from their Tandem t:slim X2™ insulin pump.
“I’m excited for the smaller Dexcom G7 size and features in conjunction with the Tandem mobile app. My quality of life continues to improve as the technology advances.” - Sarah Ehlers, Dexcom Employee and Participant in a recent G7 & Tandem t:slim X2™ insulin pump trial.
The integration between the Tandem t:slim X2™ pump and Dexcom G7 comes after nearly a decade of research and collaboration building off previous integrations of Dexcom G4, G5, and G6 CGM systems. It is a powerfully simple diabetes management system that will give you proven results1, along with more freedom and peace of mind.

Features that keep you feeling confident

The combination of Dexcom and Tandem t:slim X2 make for a reliable diabetes management solution, with features designed with you in mind:
Dexcom G7
Tandem t:slim X2
The fastest and most accurate CGM1 available
Warms up 2x faster than any other CGM—in only 30 minutes!
¶Dexcom G7 can complete warmup within 30 minutes, whereas other CGM brands require up to an hour or longer.
More time in range
Dexcom patients experience over 2.6 hours more time in range per day1
Urgent Low Soon alert
The only CGM system with a predictive Urgent Low Soon alert,
notifying patients of a severe low up to 20 minutes before it happens
‡Predictive alert at 55 mg/dl within 20 minutes
Predictive alerts
Control-IQ technology uses Dexcom G7 glucose values to predict and help prevent highs and lows
Effective outcomes
Powering the most AID systems clinically proven to improve glycemic outcomes
Custom settings
Users can create up to 6 Personal Profiles based on insulin needs
Share and follow capabilities
Dexcom enable you to share your numbers with up to 10 people§
More wear locations
The ability to bolus from a smartphone|| gives users the freedom to wear their pump in more places

Get started on Dexcom G7

If you are living with diabetes and not using CGM, talk to your doctor about Dexcom CGM and AID options. We can help you get started with a free benefits check. Click the button below to send us some basic information.

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*Fingersticks required for diabetes treatment decisions if symptoms or expectations do not match readings. †Dexcom G7 can complete warmup within 30 minutes, whereas other CGM brands require up to an hour or longer. ‡Audible and visual notification of predictive alert at 55mg/dl within 20 minutes. §Separate Follow app and internet connection required. ||Bolus delivery from the t:connect mobile app requires a compatible smartphone model and operating system, an app update, a remote software update on the customer’s t:slim X2 insulin pump and additional training. Only available to Tandem Diabetes Care customers who reside in the United States. ¶Dexcom G7 can complete warmup within 30 minutes, whereas other CGM brands require up to an hour or longer.
1 Brown SA, et al. N Engl J Med. 2019;381(18):1707-1717. 2 Brown SA, et al. Diabetes Care. 2021;44(7):1630-1640. 3 Russell SJ, et al. N Engl J Med. 2022;387(13):1161-1172. 4 Understanding Automated Insulin Delivery (AID) Systems. Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists; 2022. Available at: https:/ Accessed October 6, 2023. 5 Lewis, D.M., Hussain, S. Practical Guidance on Open Source and Commercial Automated Insulin Delivery Systems: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals Supporting People with Insulin-Requiring Diabetes. Diabetes Ther 13, 1683–1699 (2022). Diabetes Ther (2022) 13:1683–1699 6 Peacock S, et al. Diabetes Ther. 2023;14(5):839-855.
BRIEF SAFETY STATEMENT: Failure to use the Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring System and its components according to the instructions for use provided with your device and available at and to properly consider all indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and cautions in those instructions for use may result in you missing a severe hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) or hyperglycemia (high blood glucose) occurrence and/or making a treatment decision that may result in injury. If your glucose alerts and readings from the Dexcom CGM do not match symptoms, use a blood glucose meter to make diabetes treatment decisions. Seek medical advice and attention when appropriate, including for any medical emergency.
RX ONLY. The t:slim X2 insulin pump with Control-IQ technology is indicated for patients with type 1 diabetes, 6 years and older. BOXED WARNING: Control-IQ technology should not be used by people under age 6, or who use less than 10 units of insulin/day, or who weigh less than 55 lbs. For full safety information, visit
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