Using Clarity Reporting Software

Setting up Sharing and Dexcom Clarity

How do I log into Dexcom Clarity?

You must have a Dexcom account to use Dexcom Clarity. You must use the same Dexcom account for all your Dexcom devices.
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Download the Dexcom Clarity app

Learn how you can download the Dexcom Clarity App to your compatible smart device.

What are the computer and internet configurations for Dexcom Clarity?

A broadband network connection of 1.5 Mbps or more is required to install the software from the web, upload data or view the online User Guide.

How do I set up data sharing with my clinic?

Your clinic uses their Dexcom Clarity clinic account to invite you to share data with them. The invitation includes a sharing code that you enter in Settings of your Dexcom Clarity account or app.

Managing Your Online Account

How far back can I access my data in Dexcom Clarity?

All data uploaded to Dexcom Clarity will remain accessible as long as the product is available for use.

Does Dexcom Clarity have information about my receiver or smart device?

Under the Devices section of Dexcom Clarity’s Overview report you will find the alert settings and last uploads for the CGM systems used.

Can I access past data from Dexcom STUDIO?

No, Dexcom Studio is no longer available, but you can upload your receiver to Dexcom Clarity.

Compatible Software and Apps

Is Dexcom Clarity compatible with all Dexcom CGM System platforms?


Understanding Data and Trends

Why is my data not up to the minute in Dexcom Clarity?

Dexcom Clarity provides recently available CGM information from the Dexcom CGM app or receiver. Use the current information on the CGM app or receiver for treatment decisions, not the information from Dexcom Clarity as that information is outdated.

What is a low utilization day?

When the low utilization filter is applied, days with less than 50% CGM data capture will display.

What is the AGP report?

The Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) is a licensed, standardized glucose report created by the International Diabetes Center (IDC). AGP provides a standard set of information and graphs relating to your diabetes management and is only one part of understanding your glucose patterns.

How are the Daily and Hourly Statistics calculated?

Daily statistics are calculated values for the individual day of the week over the date range selected. For example, if the date range is for 14 days, all the CGM values collected on the two Mondays would be used in the Monday calculations.

Software Updates

How do I know when Dexcom Clarity has been updated?

For every release, a notification banner is posted at the top of the Dexcom Clarity on the day of the release. Follow the banner’s link to read the release notes.

When I log an insulin event, where will my insulin events show up?

In G7 1.9 and above, when you manually log insulin using the Events feature, your insulin doses will show up in two places.

Exporting and Sharing Reports

Can I export raw data?

Yes. Dexcom Clarity has the option to export data as a CSV file viewable in Excel Visit Clarity and click the export icon from any Reports page.

How can I send reports to my clinic using the Dexcom Clarity app?

Dexcom Clarity app generates PDF reports for 2, 7, 14, 30, or 90 days. You can select any or all of the available reports to view, save, print, or email.

Can I generate all Dexcom Clarity reports from the Dexcom Clarity app?

Yes, you can generate PDFs for all Dexcom Clarity reports to view, save, print, or email.

Importing Data

How do I share data with my clinic using a Dexcom receiver?

If you upload your Dexcom receiver to your personal Dexcom Clarity account, you can share your data with your clinic. You will need to accept a sharing invitation from your clinic to begin sharing.

How does Dexcom Clarity get my data?

The smartphone system sends data to the Dexcom server, where that data is made available for reports. To receive this data, the smartphone needs to be connected to the internet and have the Dexcom Mobile CGM app running.

Will events entered into my Dexcom receiver or Dexcom CGM app show in Dexcom Clarity?

If you enter events such as carbs or exercise on both your receiver and your smart device, then both the receiver and the smart device must be uploaded to Dexcom Clarity to show complete data and accurate statistics.

System Overview

What is found in the Clarity Card Insulin Summary?

When you manually log an insulin event from the History tab, you’ll see insulin data show up in the Clarity Card Insulin Summary.

What is the Clarity Card Insulin Summary?

The new Clarity Card Insulin Summary is available in Dexcom G7 1.9.0 and above for iOS and Android.

When I log an insulin event, where will my insulin events show up?

In G7 1.9 and above, when you manually log insulin using the Events feature, your insulin doses will show up in two places.

What is Dexcom Clarity Diabetes Management Software?

Dexcom Clarity software for your compatible smartphone* or computer is an important part of your diabetes management.
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