How can I prevent skin irritation from G7 Sensor adhesive?

Some people may be sensitive to the sensor adhesive, so extra care can help. Follow the insertion instructions carefully, review the site preparation tips here, and consider these tips:
  • Don’t use the same sensor site twice in a row.
  • Keep skin healthy: Consider moisturizing your skin between sensor sessions to avoid dry skin, but don’t use moisturizer on the same sensor site the day you insert the sensor.
If you have significant skin irritation (itching, burning, and/or rashes at the site of the adhesive patch), contact your healthcare provider and report it to Dexcom via the Product Support Request Form. For recommendations on skin irritation prevention products, go here.


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I am experiencing skin irritation with Dexcom G7, what can I do?

The Dexcom G7 has a new sensor patch that contains medical-grade, pressure-sensitive, acrylic-based adhesive. All Dexcom adhesive formulations have passed irritation testing, allow for full sensor wear, and are latex free.
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What can I do to keep the G7 adhesive patch from peeling off my body?

Learn how to apply the Dexcom G7 adhesive overpatch by following these CGM sensor insertion and patch use instructions to keep your sensor from falling off.
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