How might Dexcom CGM apps be affected if used on OS versions that aren't compatible yet?

When a new Operating System (OS) is released, it introduces various changes. Until a new OS version is tested by Dexcom, we don’t know if any changes made to the OS affect the Dexcom CGM app.
Although unlikely, if there are issues with a new OS, they can be caused by changes to Bluetooth (unusual lengths of Signal Loss), notification delivery (delayed alerts), or network connectivity (delayed data sharing with followers).
Issues related to the Sensor, including Sensor Error, Inaccuracies, Sensor Failure, and Calibration Error, aren’t due to using the app on an untested OS.
View “How soon will Dexcom support new OS versions after they are released?” for more information on how soon Dexcom apps may be compatible with new OS versions.

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How soon will Dexcom support new OS versions after they are released?

Dexcom tests all apps on new Operating System (OS) versions after they’re released. It may take Dexcom several weeks to complete testing and, if necessary, update the app to be fully compatible with a new OS version.
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