Why can't I adjust my target range in the G7 Clarity Card for time in range settings?

Although you can change your target range in the Dexcom Clarity App and website, the G7 Clarity Card display defaults to the following recommended ranges from an international consensus:
Target Range: 70-180 mg/dL
Very High: Above 250 mg/dL
Very Low: Below 54 mg/dL
The target range default of 70-180 mg/dl may affect the calculations seen within the G7 Clarity Card and may differ from the customizable ranges you can set in the Dexcom Clarity App and website.


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What information is shown on Dexcom G7 Clarity Card?

The G7 app conveniently integrates a Clarity data summary (called the Clarity card) into the home screen of the G7 app for quick and easy insights.
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Will Dexcom Clarity work with Dexcom G7?

Yes, Dexcom G7 works with Dexcom Clarity. Users who used Dexcom Clarity with Dexcom G6 do not need to register again.
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