Why did my Dexcom G7 sensor fail?

If at any time during a sensor session your Dexcom G7 system detects that the sensor can no longer determine your glucose reading, you may receive one or both of the following alerts.
Brief Sensor Issue alert: Sensor is temporarily unable to measure glucose.
Before you get a sensor failed alert, you may receive a brief sensor issue alert.
Your sensor has a temporary issue. This issue often happens during the first day of a sensor session, but it can happen anytime. It usually fixes itself within 3 hours.
Don't remove the sensor. Use BG meter for treatment decisions. Check your sensor. Tap Help in app for more information on troubleshooting.
If Brief Sensor Issue continues for more than 3 hours, contact technical support (in the app, go to Profile > Contact).
Brief Sensor Issue may lead to Sensor Failed alert.
Sensor Failed alert: Sensor is unable to measure glucose. If you receive this alert, you must remove your sensor and begin a new session.
This issue may happen anytime during a sensor session. If you get this alert, go to its Help screen for more information.
You won't get sensor readings or alerts until you start a new sensor.
  1. Remove sensor now.
    Tip: Peel off patch from edge.
  2. Insert and pair new sensor.
  3. Review Choose Sensor Site by Age in Inserting Sensor.
Tips to help prevent future sensor failures:
1) Make sure you insert in an approved wear location.
Avoid areas:
  • With loose skin or without enough fat to avoid muscles and bones.
  • That get bumped, pushed, or you lie on while sleeping.
  • Within 3 inches of infusion or injection site.
  • Near waistband or with irritations, scarring, tattoos, or lots of hair. If needed, trim the site area with electric clippers.
2) Was the previous sensor session ended? Tips on Ending Sensor Session and starting a new one.
3) Make sure you clean your sensor site with soap and an alcohol wipe and let dry completely before you insert.
4) Make sure you use the Dexcom overlay and keep the sensor securely adhered to your skin, so the sensor wire doesn’t come out. Tips on sensor adhesion.
If you have any questions regarding sensor insertion, placement, or otherwise, please refer to the Dexcom G7 product instructions for additional information.
If you have sensor failure at any time during your sensor session, please contact technical support.
Global Technical Support - Product troubleshooting or replacement inquiries
Available 24 hours a day; 7 days a week
*For a list of compatible devices, visit www.dexcom.com/compatibility


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