Why is the G6 app asking for calibrations after I entered a sensor code?

This may happen when you manually end a sensor session and start a new sensor session too quickly. The Transmitter gets updates from the app every 5 minutes. If you manually end a sensor session and enter the sensor code, all within a span of 5 minutes, the Transmitter may only get the “end sensor session” message first, clearing the sensor code. We are working on a fix to prevent this from happening. Until then, if you need to end a sensor session early, you can follow the below steps to help prevent the Transmitter from clearing the sensor code you use for the next sensor session.
1. When you need to manually end a sensor session, tap Stop Sensor
2. Wait 5 minutes after stopping the sensor before inserting the new one
3. Insert new sensor and follow in-app steps to start a new sensor session

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