What is the status of the Dexcom server system?

Click here to check the status of Dexcom servers.

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My system seems to be experiencing an outage. What do I do?

Please visit status.dexcom.com for real-time updates on the status of Dexcom products.
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What is the difference between Shutdown and Stop Sensor?

The shutdown option powers down the receiver and acts as an on or off button, temporarily turning off all communication between your transmitter and receiver during a sensor session.

What happens if I have trouble starting my Dexcom G6 sensor session?

Please ensure that your Dexcom G6 transmitter is paired correctly and that your previous sensor session has ended.

What are the best practices to minimize signal loss on my phone?

Review the following information to make sure that you continue to receive CGM readings when using a compatible smart device.
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