Why can't my Dexcom app verify that my phone and operating system are compatible?

After installing it from the app store, the Dexcom app needs to check the Dexcom server to make sure your phone and operating system are compatible.
If the app can’t connect to the Dexcom server to check compatibility, you will get a message telling you to check your internet connection and reopen the app. Common examples of when you may get this message is if you have no internet connection, or you’re in a hospital with a firewall.
To fix this, try the following:
  • Check that your phone is connected to the internet
  • Confirm that your phone’s internet connection is working correctly
  • Turn off Wi-Fi to use your mobile data to connect to the internet
  • Check status.dexcom.com to see the status of all Dexcom systems
If you continue to see this message after trying these steps, please contact Dexcom Technical Support for more help.

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