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Upgrading to Dexcom G7 is easy

The Dexcom G7 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System is now available for people living with all types of diabetes.
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Why upgrade to Dexcom G7? 

Enjoy the simplicity and power of Dexcom G7.

The most accurate CGM1

Dexcom’s exceptional accuracy helps you make confident decisions that can lead to better results.1 
Smart device sold separately.* 
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60% smaller

The new, discreet sensor is our smallest, most comfortable sensor yet. And at 60% smaller than its predecessor, its small size and upper-arm wear location make it easy to forget you’re even wearing it.3
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30-minute warmup

Dexcom G7 warms up 2x faster than any other CGM system. It also has a new 12-hour grace period, so you can swap your sensor when it’s convenient for you. 
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New alert settings

Customize your alert settings to fit your lifestyle by setting your alerts to Vibrate Mode, Delay First High, or Silence All for up to 6 hours.
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How to upgrade to Dexcom G7 from Dexcom G6 

If you pick your Dexcom G6 supplies up at a pharmacy, all you need to do is get a Dexcom G7 prescription from your doctor and continue through the same process. If your health plan has not added Dexcom G7 yet, check out our Dexcom Savings Center to learn more about our pharmacy savings program.  
If you get your Dexcom G6 supplies from a distributor, reach out to them to get started with Dexcom G7. 
Smart device sold separately.*

Are you on a connected pump or pen?

We are working with our insulin delivery partners to integrate with Dexcom G7 as soon as possible. See which Dexcom CGM system your insulin delivery system is currently connected to:
  • Beta Bionics iLet: Dexcom G7 and Dexcom G6
  • Insulet Omnipod 5: Dexcom G6
  • Tandem Mobi System: Dexcom G7 and Dexcom G6
  • Tandem t:slim X2: Dexcom G7 and Dexcom G6
  • Lily Tempo: Dexcom G7 and Dexcom G6
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Don’t have CGM coverage? 

Even if you don’t have CGM coverage, we’ve got you covered! Take advantage of our Pharmacy Savings Program and save over $210/month on Dexcom G7. §
Learn more at our Dexcom Savings Center.
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New Dexcom user? Get started with Dexcom G7. 

If you are new to Dexcom CGM, fill out the Get Started form to get a free benefits check. 
*Smart devices sold separately. For a list of compatible devices, visit dexcom.com/compatibility. Compared to prior generation Dexcom CGM system. Dexcom G7 can complete warmup within 30 minutes, whereas other CGM brands require up to an hour or longer. §Special pricing available at participating pharmacies only. ||Medicare covers Dexcom CGM for patients who meet the Medicare coverage criteria. For a list of Medicare coverage criteria, please visit the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services website. Savings based on $210 off retail cash price of monthly sensor pack and $240 off Dexcom G7 receiver over 1-year period. #An internet connection is required to send data to Dexcom Clarity. **Medicare coverage requires use of receiver †† Fingersticks required for diabetes treatment decisions if symptoms or expectations do not match readings ‡‡Smart device required to display readings on watch. §§Separate Follow app and internet connection required. Users should always confirm readings on the Dexcom G6 and Dexcom G7 app or receiver before making treatment decisions.
1 Dexcom, data on file, 2024. 2 Dexcom, data on file, 2020. 3 Dexcom G7 CGM System User Guide. 2023. 4 Dexcom G6 CGM System User Guide. 2022.
BRIEF SAFETY STATEMENT: Failure to use the Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring System and its components according to the instructions for use provided with your device and available at https://www.dexcom.com/safety-information and to properly consider all indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and cautions in those instructions for use may result in you missing a severe hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) or hyperglycemia (high blood glucose) occurrence and/or making a treatment decision that may result in injury. If your glucose alerts and readings from the Dexcom CGM do not match symptoms, use a blood glucose meter to make diabetes treatment decisions. Seek medical advice and attention when appropriate, including for any medical emergency. 
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