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Dexcom G4 PLATINUM System with Share Images and Video

With a 20 foot range1, glucose trends in vibrant color and a sleek and small receiver, the Dexcom G4 PLATINUM System with Share™ is Dexcom's latest Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.


Visit the Dexcom G4 PLATINUM System with Share™ webpage.


Each image is a copyrighted image of Dexcom, Inc. All rights reserved. Images are not modifiable. You may use and save Dexcom images only for personal use. No other use may be made without prior written authorization from Dexcom.


1. Dexcom G4 PLATINUM Countinuous Glucose Monitoring System Receiver with Share, User's Guide, 2015

Media Assets

dexcom g4 platinum with share logo

Dexcom G4 PLATINUM Receiver with Share Logo

dexcom g4 platinum share pediatric logo

Dexcom G4 PLATINUM with Share Logo (Pediatric)

black dexcom display device

G4 PLATINUM Receiver with Share (Black) mg/dL

cgm sensor pointed down

Dexcom G4 PLATINUM Sensor and Transmitter

Mother and Son with Dexcom CGM and Follow app

man wearing g4 platinum

Man Wearing Dexcom G4 Platinum

Dexcom G4 PLATINUM Video

Pediatric Profile: Alexander

Pediatric Profile: Addison

Pediatric Profile: Miles

Pediatric Families