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Top FAQs

  • Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM System users can invite up to five followers to remotely monitor their glucose information and receive alert notifications from almost anywhere using the Dexcom Follow App. The Dexcom Follow App is available as a free download through the Google Play store and the Apple® App Store and to the Apple Watch through the Apple Watch Store.

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  • The serial number can be located on the back of your Dexcom CGM Receiver, next to the box marked SN

    Alternatively, you can find the serial number by taking the following steps:

    • From the Settings menu, press the UP or DOWN button to scroll to “Device Info.”
    • Press the SELECT button. Information about your sensor session and system will show, including the Serial Number.
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  • Yes, your supply of sensors and current transmitter will work with the newly approved Receiver with ShareTM. You will need to pair your transmitter with your new G4 PLATINUM Receiver with ShareTM. The G4 PLATINUM transmitter and sensor technology have not changed.


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  • Each Sharer can have up to five Followers. To invite Followers take the following steps:

    1. In the Share2 app, press the Followers tab to invite a new Follower.
    2. Enter the Follower’s nickname and e-mail address. Re-Enter the Follower’s e-mail address to confirm the correct address (the Follower will get a Follow Invitation e-mail at this e-mail address). Make sure the Follower can access this e-mail account from their iPhone or iPod touch. Press the “Next” button.
    3. Choose whether or not you want the Follower to see the trend graph by pressing the on/off switch next to Allow Trend Graph View.
    4. Choose whether or not the Follower will get low, urgent low and high glucose notifications on their iPhone or iPod touch. Notifications are sent when the glucose level and time delay conditions are met.
    5. Press the “Send Invitation” button to send a Follow Invitation e-mail to the Follower. Once your invitation is sent, the Sharer cannot adjust the Follower’s recommended settings.
    6. To add more Followers, press the Followers tab on the bottom of the Dexcom Share2 app screen. Then press “Invite Followers” button. You may invite a total of five (5) Followers per Dexcom Share account. When finished adding Followers, press the “Done” button.


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  • You will need to install the Dexcom Share2 app on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and follow the setup wizard. Go to Share settings on the receiver and select “Forget Device.” Then open the Dexcom Share2 app, log in using your account you previously created and follow the instructions to pair to your new receiver. The Dexcom Share2 app on your new iPhone or iPod touch will recover your Follower information from the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad you are replacing.


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  • If you have already successfully invited and set up your Followers, you will not have to set up your Followers again if you replace your Receiver with ShareTM. You will need to pair your new Receiver with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Select "Pair Receiver" in the Account tab of the Share2 app to begin the process.


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  • Apple Health is an app included in Apple devices with iOS 8 and later installed. The Sharer can enable the Dexcom Share2 app to send glucose information to the Apple Health app. The Health app will display the Sharer’s glucose information with a three hour delay. It will not display real time glucose information. Take the following steps to enable the sharing of glucose data from the Share2 app to the Health app on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad:

    1. In the Share2 app, press on the "Account" tab.
    2. Press the "Health" button.
    3. Press the “Enable” button. You will be taken to the Health settings.
    4. Slide the “Blood Glucose” on/off switch to ON to enable sharing.
    5. Press the “Done” button to return to the Dexcom Share2 app.


    Please note: You will not receive glucose alerts on your Dexcom Share2 app. Always use your Dexcom G4 PLATINUM Receiver for receiving glucose alerts.


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  • If the Bluetooth icon is not displaying on your trend screen, your Receiver with ShareTM is not communicating with the Dexcom Share2 app on the Sharer’s iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Take the following troubleshooting steps to ensure the Receiver ShareTM and Share2 app are configured properly:

    1. Go to the receiver menu and select “Settings,” then select “Share.” Make sure the Share setting is set to "On"
    2. Make sure the Receiver with ShareTM and the Sharer’s iPhone or iPod are within 15 ft of each other.
    3. On the Sharer’s iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, open the Dexcom Share2 app and make sure it is paired with your receiver. Click here for receiver pairing instructions.


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  • Pairing connects your Receiver with ShareTM to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad using Bluetooth. Once your receiver is paired to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, it can send glucose information and notifications whenever Share is turned “On.” You can pair the receiver at any time by pressing on the “Pair Receiver” button located in the account tab. NOTE: Only one iPhone, iPod touch or iPad may be paired to a receiver at a time. Follow the steps below to pair your new Receiver with ShareTM

    1. Open the Dexcom Share2 app on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
    2. Go to the Account tab and press on the “Pair Receiver” button.
    3. Enter the receiver serial number found on the label on the back of the receiver. The serial number is two letters followed by eight digits. Press “Continue.”
    4. Turn on your Receiver with ShareTM.
    5. Go to the receiver menu and select “Settings,” then select “Share.”
    6. Turn Share “On.”
    7. Return to the Dexcom Share2 app and press “Start.”
    LBL013102 Rev01
  • You will be able to share your glucose information when the app is running in the foreground or in the background. If you close the app completely, you will not be able to share your glucose information..


    LBL013102 Rev01
  • No, the Share2 app is currently compatible with select versions of the iPhone ®, iPod ® touch and iPad ®.

    Click here to see a list of compatible devices and software


    LBL013102 Rev01
  • No, Dexcom SHARE is currently available in the United States only.  Dexcom continues to work on mobile solutions for global applications.


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  • You will need an internet connection for both the Dexcom Share app as well as the Dexcom Follow app to work correctly. You may connect to a WiFI network or move into an area that has cellular data service.
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  • To ensure the Bluetooth is turned on from your phone, you should see the Bluetooth icon on you phone’s status bar.

    LBL-012281 Rev01
  • Before an invitation is sent to the Follower:

    • The Sharer can set whether the follower will have access to the trend graph as well as the default notification settings.


    After an invitation is sent to the Follower:

    • The Sharer can change whether the follower has access to the trend graph.
    • The Follower can modify the notification settings.
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  • The “X” icon in the Status tab means that the system is not functioning properly. Tap on the Status tab for more information.

    LBL-012281 Rev01