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COVID-19 update: at this moment there are no interruptions to Dexcom’s ability to produce
and supply product as a result of the Coronavirus. Please click here for more information.
For Technical Support, please click here to submit a request form.
Click here for information regarding the use of Dexcom CGM in Hospitals during COVID-19.


Contact Us

Dexcom is here to provide you with ongoing support and answer any questions you may have about your Dexcom CGM System. Locate the right support department below based on your immediate needs. 

Customer Sales Support

Support with Dexcom orders and general customer questions


Monday - Friday  6 AM - 5 PM PST

Saturday 8 AM - 4 PM PST


Place Your First Order

Need Pharmacy Information

Global Technical Support

Product troubleshooting or replacement inquiries 


Available 24 hours a day;

7 days a week 


Request a call back from a representative

Submit a Patient Support Request

Request Sensor Overpatches

Chat Live with Dexcom Tech Support
(At this time, live chat is only available to US customers, Monday-Sunday from 5AM-5PM PST.)

Dexcom CARE

Dexcom CGM training, software downloads, and tutorials


Monday - Friday 6 AM - 5 PM PST

Saturday 7 AM - 1:30 PM PST

(All hours subject to change)